Announcing Grocery Shrink Plus!

I am excited to announce a brand new service!

Grocery Shrink Plus

Have you liked reading my menu ideas for the week in my newsletter, but been frustrated that there are no recipes to go with them?

When you subscribe to Grocery Shrink Plus, you will be emailed an expanded menu including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for the week. The plan includes recipes plus an action plan for each day to help the week’s cooking go smoothly.

The menu’s are based on the pantry method of shopping, so you can save the most money while cooking nutritous meals for your family. I will include a master pantry list for the week which details the items that should be in your pantry, plus a list of items that are perishable or not commonly in a pantry for you to gather in preparaton for the week.
The menu’s are sent out on Friday, March 9th so you can use the weekend to shop for any needed food for the coming week. The first meal on the menu is for Sunday the 11th. Sunday’s meal is designed so much of the prep can be done the night before. Then, your lunch will cook while you are at church :).

The meals include variations for those on gluten free diets, or those who must avoid dairy products. There is not a vegitarian option at this time.
The recipes are pre-calcuated to serve families of 2, 4, 8, and 12 members and often cooking time is shortened by using “planned-overs” as meal starters for another day.
The first Grocery Shrink Plus menu plan is scheduled to come out on Friday and has my mouth watering! I’m excited because this is pushing me to a new level of planning that will bless my family as well. Don’t miss the first issue. Sign up now! At only $5 a month, it’s an affordable way to simplify your life. Just click here.