I’m Angela Coffman, a mom of 6, and am known for being able to do a lot with little money. My goal is to help you reach your financial goals by eliminating waste in your every day spending.

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I offer subscription or ala-cart menu planning with frugal meal plans for families or weight loss.

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  1. kristy says:

    My son switched from private to public last year. I cried, I cried and cried. I switched him because he wanted to go to public. If I had to switch him because of another reason I would have been EVEN WORSE. I am telling you that I totally understand! I bet it all worked out but I can tell you that you are not alone!! It was not a good feeling but I can honestly, now that it’s over, it all turned out ok. Do I miss the old school…YES. Do I wish he were still there – YES! But he adjusted well and it is good to be in with the general population because as an adult that is where he will be!

  2. Brenda says:

    Hello, Angela.

    I wanted to contact you about the Fit Yummy Mummy program. Do you still do that program? I must make some changes and I do know about THM, but I would like to mix the two together so to speak…..What are you thoughts? I have Hashimotos – thyroid issue, that will require me to go gluten free plus make some other changes. Also, looking into your weekly menu plan too. Trust your opinion and appreciate your help very much :-).



    • Angela says:

      Brenda, I still do Fit Yummy Mummy and highly recommend it. If you want to combine THM eating guidelines with the program it is compatible. If you are new to weight lifting, start with the book. Once you work through those exercises the monthly workouts that are included in the club membership are perfect.

  3. kristy says:


    I have a few things I would love to ship over to you if it work for your family. Feel free to email me directly if you are interested. It’s boys clothes (well really men’s clothes – my 12 yr old is 5’10” and 200 lbs) that he has outgrown. If you have anyone who wears an XL or who might in the future maybe you’d want them?

    • Angela says:

      Kristy, Thank you for your kind offer! That made me feel really loved. My husband is pretty small, so our boys are too. A couple of ideas: hosting a clothing exchange among your friends; selling them to threadup.com or a similar clothing source

  4. Vicki says:

    Trust your mom instincts to do what’s best for each child. My children went to different high schools, even though I wanted them to be together. My husband and I juggled who would attend which school’s events – sports practices, games, plays, choir, open houses, etc…. One insisted in private Christian schooling, one insisted on public school so he could participate in Jr. R.O.T.C. And each one’s decision WAS right for them. My Christian-school child went on to bible college. My ROTC child went on to college ROTC (college fully paid for!) and a military career as an officer. Let them try, let them fail, let them learn, watch them succeed and blossom and grow. Remembering that my children belong to the Lord and were only mine for a season was so hard, but helped so much when it was time for them to fly.

  5. Rejena says:

    Is there a blog post where you discuss your decision to stop homeschool and private school for your children and send them to public school?

    4 of our 5–the youngest will start kindergarten next fall—are in private school. They all love it, but the cost is just getting too much. I’m worried that I trying to work and homeschool them will be too much for me to do well, and the stress will be overwhelming.

    Anyway, just hoping for a point of view other than the “everyone can and should homeschool”.


    • Angela says:

      Hi Rejena, I can’t remember if I wrote about that. We chose to go to public school because of the expense, and my deteriorating health made it impossible for me to keep teaching, and because the climate of our school no longer felt welcoming to us. The administration at the time was not open to making it possible for us to stay in ways that would work with our family, so we had to move on. I could have gone back to homeschooling, but my health was not good at all and we were afraid the stress of that would do me in. Plus while I loved homeschooling in many ways, I felt my kids didn’t get the attention they needed from me while I was also trying to work from home. Our relationship with each other improved when I stopped homeschooling. Public school has worked out well for us, though not without it’s challenges.

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