Swag Bucks has been a great thing for me and I’d love to tell you about it.  It’s absolutely free for you to join and earn gift cards or other prizes of your choice by using the swag bucks tool bar to search the internet. And there’s no spyware. If you join by clicking the button below,  I earn points when you do.

Search & Win

Here are the steps to earn as many swagbucks as you can.

1.  Sign up by clicking the button above.

2.  Download the Swag Bucks tool bar.  This will give you a little search bar at the top of the page so you can easily search and win points. You will earn a point a day just by having the tool bar.

3.  Every time you need to search the internet, type it in the Swag Bucks tool bar.  You don’t win points every time you search, but every 5 searches or so, you will win points of different amounts.  Sometimes it’s 7 points, sometimes 12.  It’s a surprise.

4.  You can also win points by filling out surveys and playing games.  To find out the different ways ot earn bucks, click on the Earn tab in the Swag Bucks tool bar that you downloaded.  (I’ve found the most time friendly way to earn bucks is by using the search bar.)

5.  To earn even more SwagBucks, tell your friends and family about it.  It’s free for them and every time they earn a Swag Buck by searching the internet, you’ll earn one too–up to 1,000 points per referral.   This is my key to earning enough points to get a $5 giftcard from Amazon twice a week.

6.  You can only earn 5 of one prize during a calendar month.  But they have a lot of different prizes to choose from including target gift cards, amazon gift cards, and home improvement cards.  You can even get cards to restuarant.com for a free date night!

The swag bucks search engine works pretty well.  You’ll notice that the first 10 entries or so are advertisements and may or may not be pertinent to your search.  This is how Swag Bucks can afford to pay you for searching the internet.  Just scroll down to what you need and try not to let it bother you.  Sometimes I have a hard time finding exactly what I want with SB, in those cases I just open up a different search engine in a separate window and try the search again.

If you get really serious about Swag Bucks there are all sorts of training tools online to help you earn even more.  You can read about them when you log into your swagbucks account.