3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Biscuits and Gravy

Slow Cooked Biscuits and Gravy

This recipe is a man pleaser.  It’s not Fit Yummy Mummy approved or Trim Healthy Mama approved.  It’s not gluten free or dairy free–it’s just yummy.  It’s easy–so easy a child could make it and get tons of compliments.  And if you are hosting an early morning breakfast rehearsal for High School men, definitely bring it.  Even if the center biscuits are not quite done, they will eat it all and one of them will lick the pan and then ask you to bring a double batch next time.



I anticipate the most frequent question asked will be, Is it safe to leave a slow cooker out on the counter this long before cooking?  I’m not sure. We did it–twice.  And no one got sick.  I think it would be more dangerous if it sat a long time AFTER cooking since the cooking process will kill any bacteria.

If the thought bothers you, you can keep it in the fridge and get up a few hours early to turn on the cooker and go back to bed.  (Allow an extra hour for a cold crock.)  Or you can bake this in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes or until golden.

The first time I made this, I used homemade biscuit dough and homemade gravy made with milk and flour and baked it in the oven.  It was wonderful too.  I haven’t tried the slow cooker method with homemade gravy.  With the 2 hour cooking time, it might make it through without curdling.  If you try it, let me know.  And now some photos my hubby took of the process.

DSC_0617 DSC_0618 DSC_0620 DSC_0629


My Christmas Tree timer came from Aldi this winter and was about $3.


Yep, totally doing paper plates this time around a kitchen remodel. I’m selling my old dishes this week at a yard sale and then buying new for the new kitchen. It’s hard to believe I’ve had and used my old ones for 15 years! When the paper plates are gone, we’ll start using the new dishes :).


38 thoughts on “3 Ingredient Slow Cooker Biscuits and Gravy

  1. daddystractor says:

    My family will love this for brunch after church! We love big breakfasts on Sundays, and we’re always so hungry by the time we get home!! Post pics of new dishes please! 🙂

  2. Jamie says:

    Ohhh YUMMMMMM!!! I will definitely be making this. I have a gluten-free biscuit recipe and gluten-free cream-of soup recipe that I think it would work with. My family will *LOVE* this!

  3. calla says:

    Yum this looks delicious, can’t wait to make. And reguarding leaving it sitting out, since the sausage is cooked first it can sit on the counter for up to 2 hours without the risk of bacteria, I work in the food industry. Thanks for the recipe. So excited since my oven broke 🙁

  4. Joseph says:

    This could probably work with cream of celery or even cream of chicken soup if you have people who aren’t fond of mushrooms (like me 😛 )

    And if you’re in a real hurry (or just plain lazy 😛 ) then you could probably also use pre-cooked Jimmy Dean sausage crumbles too (they come in 9.6-oz. packages so 2 packages should be about the right amount and they come in both regular and turkey)

    I would probably throw Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage crumbles in the crockpot along with the condensed soup and turn it on then make my own biscuits the regular way in the oven 🙂

  5. Melissa says:

    I wonder if this might be good with thanksgiving meal? This sounds so good. We have to eat dairy free though because our baby is allergic to milk. Can’t have the cream of mushroom? Do u have any suggestions how we could make this?

  6. Angela says:

    Melissa, This would make a great Thanksgiving breakfast :). You can make homemade dairy free cream of mushroom, but I would bake the casserole in the oven instead of in the slow cooker: 1 cup unsweetened original almond milk, 2 Tbs flour, 1/4 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp pepper, 1 Tbs butter or refined coconut oil, 1 can–4 oz sliced mushrooms. Chop mushrooms fine and stir undrained into the almond milk. Melt butter and whisk flour into butter with a little of the almond milk mixture until smooth. Then stir into the rest of the mixture. Cook and stir until thickened.

  7. Lisa Osipowicz says:

    The photos seem to show biscuits on top, but the layering instructions do not provide for that…biscuits, then meat, the soup…repeat. Please clarify?

  8. Angela says:

    The picture is of the dish prepared as instructed. The soup bakes into the biscuits on top but you can see the meat on top. Try it, you’ll love it.

  9. Marie says:

    Made this dish this morning. Was pleased the way it turned out. Was really good except tasted salty, even after using low sodium soup. Would love to make again if I could figure out how to decrease the salty flavor.

  10. Angela says:

    Marie, sausage has a lot of salt in it too. You might try rinsing it after you brown it to remove some of the salt.

  11. Christina says:

    I was just wondering if you can do anything other than cream of mushroom soup. My family does not like mushrooms, so is there a different way to do the gravy?

  12. Angela says:

    Absolutely. Leave out the mushrooms. Use chicken broth for cream of chicken soup; add finely chopped broccoli for cream of broccoli, finely chopped celery for cream of celery etc. The cream base is always the same.

  13. Bill J says:

    I love biscuits and gravy for as long as I can remember. I am 63 now and diabetic and a few other fun things and my Dr basically said if it tastes good, spit it out, your breaking the rules. But for the recipe you gave me I will risk a coronary on the spot. Never thought of using cream of mushroom soup in it. Thank you.

  14. cathy says:

    Angela- these look great and I also want to say that I love how you go to alot of trouble to respond to comments and give people options! Very nice 🙂

  15. Elisha says:

    Hi Angela…. What is a ” biscuit”? Looks yuummo, but we don’t have anything like this in Australia…what could I use instead? Be interesting to make…thanks great recipes 🙂

  16. Jamie says:

    Biscuits and gravy are one of my favorite breakfasts. Does it really taste the same as homemade gravy using the cream soup? I always make my own gravy.

  17. Angela says:

    Jamie, it’s pretty close to homemade gravy. It’s good for when you’re in a hurry, but nothing really replaces the real thing.

  18. Angela says:

    Elisha, Your comment made me smile. I had a good friend from Australia when we were in High School. She came to visit and brought a jar of vegemite. I made her a pan of biscuits and gravy. She wasn’t thrilled and I never developed the taste for vegemite, lol. She explained in Australia biscuits were cookies (shutter at the thought of gravy on them) and what I served as a “biscuit” was a “scone” without sugar in it. Here scones are sweet “biscuits” and can have dried fruit or chocolate in them.

  19. Dena says:

    I’ve made this as directed a few times. I call it my Ghetto Biscuits and Gravy, lol. Everyone at work LOVES it. And it isn’t ghetto, its just the “I’m too busy for the real thing”. Ive had to buy a second crock pot because my son gets so jealous if I make it for work and won’t let him touch it. So…. school breakfast crock pot is going for tomorrow at a low, and my son’s is on high for tonight!

  20. Bev says:

    I wonder if you could use the packaged white country gravy mix, the kind where you just add boiling water, sometimes called peppered gravy. Would it be too watery?

  21. Angela says:

    That stuff is yummy! I don’t know how it would work–you might need to cook it ahead to thicken it. I don’t have much luck with sauces thickening in the slow cooker.

  22. Deann says:

    I’ve seen canned sausage gravy in Wal-Mart, Ingles and Kroger where I live. I’d be willing to bet for those not fond of cream of mushroom soup, or the other kinds of cream soups that the canned sausage gravy would work well too.

  23. lisa says:

    could you put this on low and let it cook over night. so it would be ready for the morning. so you are not rushing around on a holiday or anyday

  24. Angela says:

    Yes that’s the idea. Except even on low all night is a bit too long. I use an outlet timer so it shuts off sooner and keeps warm.

  25. Angela says:

    Jeff, the biscuits don’t brown, at least not in the center. The ones at the edges did get darker for me.

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