Divide It Wallet Giveaway


For carrying cash in my purse, I prefer not to use real envelopes.  Messing with flaps while trying to make change for myself with a bunch of kids and long lines makes me a little crazy.


I’ve been using a coupon organizer like this one for years.  I love that I can get to all my categories at once and make change for myself while standing in line. These cheap wallets don’t hold up well, though.  I replace mine once a year when it starts to fall apart from lots of use.  And it’s annoying when the change falling out through the small holes in the bottom.  I usually spend part of my check-out time picking change up off the floor.


So when I saw Melissa Kaiserman’s verion of the cash wallet, I instantly saw genius.  The laminated fabric will hold up over time and resist stains.  There are no holes for change to fall out and the sturdy dividers are easy to label for your budget categories. Plus they are adorable.

ATime4Everything Cash Wallet Divideres

I wrote to her telling her what a genius she is and begged her to do a giveaway for us.  She said Yes!

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P.S.  She also has awesome give, save, spend envelopes for kids:



French Pastry Giveaway

On our New Year’s celebration tomorrow, I’m using Looka pastries on our buffet.  They are high quality, yummy treats made with real food ingredients and readily available in the Freezer section at Wal-mart.  Affordable, stress-free perfection. We’ll have other things too–like homemade Kombucha (I’ll show you how to make this later.  I can’t even stand soda now… this stuff has spoiled me forever) shrimp rings (from Aldi,) Veggie tray, Queso blanco and whatever our guests are bringing.


Caramel and Chocolate Loaflooka_cups2_n

Mousse Cupslooka_macarons2_n



One lucky reader is getting a set of yummy Looka treats sent to their house.  Get your easy entry below!

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Plexus Giveaway

Have you been hearing about an amazing pink drink?  I was curious about the reports of energy, weight loss and better sleep from those taking it, so when Laurell offered me a trial week’s supply in exchange for a review, I was pumped.

When she gave me the sample I was in a downward health spiral into adrenal fatigue from stress.  I volunteered for too much this summer right after a very stressful school year.  My body just couldn’t handle it.  I gained 6 pounds in 10 days at the height of the problem.  I was so exhausted I spent 18-20 hours a day in bed and was constantly sick.


I started taking the drink and the accelerator the week I taught music at Bible school.  I was expecting it to be like a protein shake, but it isn’t at all.  It’s more like a Crystal light packet that you pour into a bottle of water, except it is sweetened with stevia and colored with beet juice, nothing artificial.  It tasted fabulous like pomegranate juice and had a slight aftertaste of chocolate.

The first day, I didn’t notice much.  The second day, I noticed a significant decrease in my morning appetite.  The Bible school staff brought me MM trail mix for snacks, and I didn’t care much about it.  That was a definite change in normal behavior.  My afternoon appetite was still pretty strong and I felt like a second pink drink would have helped with that.  The company does say it’s ok to take a second drink then if you need it.

I finished the whole week sample without any weight loss to report.  That’s not abnormal since it can take more than one week to see results, and my body was fighting a major system error that was blocking weight loss anyway.  It is going to have to heal before it will be willing to let go of fat.

BUT the next week after taking Plexus I went outside with a chainsaw and cleared a forest out of the last 20 feet of my backyard.

From this:

Backyard before

To this:

Clearing brush

That was significant.

Would you like to try it for a week yourself?  Laurell is giving that opportunity away to one lucky reader.  You can enter through rafflecopter below.  If you are too excited to wait on the 7 day trial, you can Sign up as a preferred customer here and order the plexus slim. Then you will be entered into an extra giveaway to win a month supply of plexus boost or accelerator to accompany it.

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Here’s Laurell’s personal story.

Ogle family

This is my Plexus story – I’m going to step WAY outside my comfort zone and share about how I’m feeling. It’s not really my cup of tea but here it goes… I got stuck, I lost the baby weight and stopped losing weight. I added in some awesome workouts and tracked my food and still nothing, the scale would not budge more than 3 lbs one way or another. To be honest, it’s been this way forever. I weighed this after getting married, before getting pregnant with baby #1, lost all that baby weight (55lbs) but got stuck at this weight, repeated that process with baby #2 and stayed stuck at this weight. I also felt constantly tired and irritable and kind of sad – I chalked that up to having a baby who got up 6+ times a night and a mommy who never got a full night’s sleep but once 9 months hit, that sweet little boy started sleeping through the night but this mommy didn’t feel any better. So I drank more coffee and still felt exhausted and then I read an article on The Better Mom called “I don’t want to be an angry mom, so I threw away my coffee pot”, so for no real good reason other than I read an article about a mom that threw away her coffee pot.

Fast forward a couple weeks, a friend from High School posted on her facebook about Plexus, it wasn’t a meal replacement or a miracle pill (I don’t believe it those anyways), it was a drink that helped stabilize blood sugar levels, helped decrease sugar cravings, and helped people have more energy and lose weight, so I thought sign me up!! Okay, so not really – I was actually very skeptical, we had really changed our diet over the past year and I did not want to go back to artificial fake stuff so I did a little reading on it because I felt like I was at a point of desperation with feeling stuck and I read literally hundreds of personal experiences, read some independent studies, went through the ingredient list and thought so what do I have to lose? And I decided I’m going to make my husband take it with me and give it a try (I made my husband take it because I read a handful of testimonies where it helped people with pain and inflammation – He will come home at night from a 12 hour shift and be limping from wearing 30 lbs of gear on his waist and his knee and joints will hurt) so we decided to take plexus slim and the accelerator (to speed up weight loss) and in two weeks, I was down about 6 lbs, which is amazing because I had been stuck here for almost 6 months with no scale changes! So to see those numbers on the scale move was huge! But – bigger than that is the way I feel. I can’t even put it into words but I felt like a new person (and a better mom). My biggest testimony to plexus is that I feel like myself again, happy, healthy, and full of energy. I’m even sleeping better at night and waking up refreshed in the morning and feeling fantastic. But my favorite part of all of this was that husband’s chronic pain was significantly reduced within 3 days. In all seriousness, three days into drinking plexus – he said, “I don’t hurt at the end of my shifts”. This is a guy that was in constant pain that pain relievers, ice and oils didn’t help much (and I LOVE my essential oils) I have NEVER seen anything work like this for him before.

So this is me being real – I wanted to share because it has literally made me feel like a new person. And I’ll say it again, I don’t believe in a “skinny pill” and I believe that health and weight loss are achieved through a healthy lifestyle including good food, exercise and…now plexus. And I am excited about it, just plain excited because we are real testimonies to how Plexus has helped us feel better!


*Plexus update – So here is another BIG step outside my comfort zone! Not a big fan of personal pictures but here is the difference in me from April to June…I’ve lost pounds and inches but some the most important things are what you can’t see on the outside which is that I feel amazing! I have lots of energy with no crash! I’m getting up in the mornings to work out and sleeping better than I have in years! I don’t have these crazy sugar cravings anymore, the awful “mommy brain” or brain fog I used to get is so much better and for the first time in forever I have clear skin (and that’s what happens when you get your gut healthy) I am loving this journey I’m on!

What is Plexus Slim?

Plexus Slim is a drink mix that was originally designed to help people with diabetes regulate their blood sugar. When it was originally being tested it was noted that all the subjects also lost weight and had significant improvements in other areas of health. The pink powdered drink mix comes in individual serving packages. You mix it in a glass or bottle of water, drink it once a day and that’s it! This is something that can be a snowball to good health. There are no stimulants or addictive factors in Slim.


What does Plexus Slim do?

Plexus Slim is the most natural, healthy solution to help you lose weight and inches by burning fat, no muscle. Slim also helps keep blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids at healthy levels. In addition, Slim helps reduce binge eating and increases your willpower over food. Simply pour into a bottle of water 30 minutes before a meal, drink, and enjoy the results!


Who have I observed that seems to benefit the most from Plexus Slim?

*Those with blood sugar control problems (diabetics and pre-diabetics)

*Attention/focus problems

*Those with fatigue (very connected to blood sugar balance)

*Folks who want to lose weight

*People with low energy

*Anyone with inflammation issues

*Ladies with low thyroid issues

*People who want help with cholesterol and blood pressure issues


What is in Plexus Slim?

Proprietary health blend consisting of: Chlorogenic Acid (plant extract), Citrin K (Garcinia Cambodia), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Chromium (Amino Nicotinate GTF), Polydextrose, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors (pomegranate), Beet Root and Grape Skin Extract, Stevia Extract, Lo Han Extract.

Plexus Slim has no added caffeine and other stimulants.


60 day money back guarantee! So, you have nothing to lose by trying 2 months’ supply of Slim. On the other hand, you have everything to gain! You and YOUR health are worth it! Just visit my website to order. In addition, Plexus offers a few other products to promote good health. You can learn more on my website. Feel free to call, email, or text me with any questions! I am here to help you improve your health.

Laurell Ogle

Independent Plexus Ambassador #264707








Swagbucks is turning 6!

You’ve heard me talk about Swagbucks.com and how they can help you save money and earn gift cards. These gift cards paid for so many things over the years, so I’m happy to share a GREAT new way to earn get even more Swag Bucks — or even win a $600 gift card.

This year, Swagbucks turns 6, so they are giving away $600 PayPal gift cards to 10 lucky Swagbucks members — and one of them can be YOU. Here’s how: Sign up here for Swagbucks AND RSVP for their 6th Birthday Party. You’ll be assigned a team for the one-day Challenge on their 6th Birthday, Feb 25th. Now, for every 30 SB earned from the moment you RSVP through the end of Feb 23rd, you will get 1 entry into their birthday giveaway. Here’s the awesome part: ALL Swag Bucks, including ones from Swag Codes, count towards your giveaway entries.

Winners will be announced on the Swagbucks birthday, Feb 25th. Even if you don’t win the giveaway, they will hold a massive Birthday Team Challenge where all participants will get bonus SB, anywhere from 10 SB all the way to 500 SB for top earners. Make sure to click here to RSVP and learn more about the Birthday festivities and get ready to rake in the Swag Bucks and free gift cards!

Giveaway Contest: Your chance to win a $50 gift card

Swag Bucks is so excited about so many new subscribers from Grocery Shrink Readers that they are holding a contest for you.

First they are extending the code for new subscribers for the duration of the contest: use GroShrink  when you sign up (click “I have a code” on the sign up page and get an extra 70 Swag Bucks!

The best news is that even if you’ve been a Swag Bucks member for years (and signed up from a link here), you can still win!

Here’s how it works: From last Friday, November 8th, until December 8th 2013, everyone who earns at least 50 swag bucks on their account (personally earn, not matching points from referrals) is entered for the drawing. There’s nothing else special you have to do. Sign-up, search the internet when you need to, using the swag buck’s engine, and earn points!  Swag Bucks will email notify the winner after the contest ends.

Leave a comment and tell what you would spend an extra $50 on–just for giggles.  I would use it towards something to organize my kitchen–like a pop-up mixer shelf.

Swag Bucks are Cool

I just got an exciting email from Swag Bucks.  Not a mass email but someone reached out to me personally.  Know why?  It appears that many of you have clicked through my link to find out how awesome Swag bucks are for yourself.  So many of you that we got their attention.  And they are making you an offer.

Hello!  Here we are :).

If you have never signed up with Swag Bucks before and want to give it a try.  Go here. Click the box that says “I have a sign up code” Then use the case sensitive code GroShrink and get an extra 70 Swag Bucks. Then you’ll get another 30 when you complete your profile. This code only works until November 8th so don’t wait.

I use the Swag Bucks search engine for everything, and once in awhile (several times a day), I win some Swag bucks. Which looks something like the picture below (which I got right after typing in a search for “cookie in a mug.”)

Swagbucks Contratulations!

Swag bucks keeps track of my points for me and when I have enough I can redeem them for all sorts of things.  My personal favorite is trading 450 Swag Bucks for a $5 gift card to Amazon.  You can save up the gift cards and use them all on one purchase.


Just this week I used some of my Swag Bucks gift cards to buy my daughter, Heather, a nice Lego Friends set that would have otherwise been outside of my Christmas budget.  She’s going to be surprised!

I’ve used them on a fancy sit and stand stroller, home decor, books, gifts, food.  I love it because Amazon has the best prices on a lot of items and I can use a gift card for an even lower bottom line.

Want more info? Go here

So you don’t have to scroll up here’s that referral code again:  Go here. Click the box that says “I have a sign up code” Then use the case sensitive code GroShrink and get an extra 70 Swag Bucks. Then you’ll get another 30 when you complete your profile. This code only works until November 8th so don’t wait.


Gorgeous Music Find

I’ve used music in so many ways in my life.  When I taught school I played instrumental hymns like the one on the video as my students arrived each morning.  The lights were low, and a nice room scent floated in the air.  The kids came in quietly, put their things away and got to work.  I didn’t have to say anything.  Amazing!

When my babies learned to sleep in their own room, music like this made the transition easier.  And when it’s time to get up on Sunday morning and get ready for church, listening to this music helps us stay in the right frame of mind.

High quality music trains the brain for mathematics and reading.  I used it as part of Heidi’s therapy to eliminate her learning disabilities and we still enjoy listening to it, even though she’s 99% better. And training musicians who listen to high quality music, become better musicians.

I’m privileged to know each member of the Bountiful String quartet personally.  The two violin players are brother and sister.  Their other brother is my children’s violin teacher.  The viola player and cellist are husband and wife and go to church with me.  The quartet arranges all their own music and it is amazing!

Their first CD debuts on the 20th of this month, and one lucky reader will win a digital copy!

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Homemade and Healthy to Go

I’ve written a new eBook!  And now you know why my blog has been a little quiet this summer.  It’s finished, but not quite available yet.  My Grocery Shrink Plus subscribers get the first peek, and they get it for FREE.  The book will sell for $10 to all non-subscribers and at 100 pages of ideas and recipes for packing frugal lunches, it’s well worth the cost.  But there’s no reason not to get it free.

I have more resources in the works and with school starting soon, will have more time to work than ever.  Grocery Shrink Plus subscribers can expect to get a free resource similar to this every month they stay members in good standing.  Now I call that an upgrade!  Not only do you get more recipes, more instructions, more value in your meal plans than any other service….you get free bonus’s too.

There’s still time to subscribe to the menu’s before the bonus goes out, but you need to subscribe before Monday August 13th.  I won’t be emailing out separate bonus’s to all late subscribers like I do the menu plans.  It’s a one time mail out to current subscribers at the moment I hit send.  No exceptions, no apologies.  Make sure you’re on that list :).

Bodywrap Giveaway!

The giveaway has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.  Congratulations Megan, our winner!

You’ve seen the hype and may have wondered if it would work for you.  Here’s a chance to find out for free!  If you get the same results from the wraps that many customers have, you might consider making a business from it and helping others improve the appearance of their skin too.

Here are some more before and after pictures of real people using the wraps.

Check out the improvement in her stretch marks.

Amy has generously donated a wrap for one lucky reader who wins our giveaway! If you live near Kansas City, she will come and wrap you personally.  If not, she will ship it to you with ample instructions.

If you would like to become a distributor, it is only $99 through August 31. The kit comes with 4 wraps, which  sell for $30 a piece. Amy sold her 4 wraps her first week and made her money back from her kit very quickly.  The thing she loves is that It Works is a team environment, so they all help each other get to their goals! Their slogan is One Team, One Mission!

You can enter by leaving a comment on this post; friending Amy on Facebook (one entry) and sending her a facebook message with your info and/or sending an email to: amy dot teachingenglish at gmail dot com with your contact info.  She will never share your personal information and will only use the info to send you the information you want.

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Summer Recipe Contest Winners!

Choosing winners was hard!  There were hundreds of recipes to sort through and  all of them looked delicious.

Before I tell you who our top 3 winners are–I want to thank my readers that have already sponsored Heidi or I on our 5K run to benefit the pro-life cause.  Your generosity has catapulted us to first place in fund raising! My free gift offer is still there until July 15th–you can get the details in the previous post. If you would like to donate for the gift, consider going to Heidi’s page. She gets so excited when she gets a sponsor and it just makes my day to see her so happy.

Now back to business.  Drum Roll Please…..

First place is Beth Nepote with her recipe for Greek Tortellini and Spinach Pasta Salad

Second place is Nicole Cotts with Mandarin Chicken Salad

Third Place is Mary Frank with Peppers and Spirals Salad

I will contact the winners tomorrow and reveal the recipes in their individual blog posts where we can get to know the author better.  Everyone who submitted a recipe is a winner in my book and will receive a copy of the ebook “Grocery Shrink Reader’s Summer Favorites.” With their recipe inside! The ebook is almost finished–somehow the Dessert portion of the book was erased…so I’ll be redoing that tomorrow.